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Patrik Patrik from sweden wrote on 22. November 2004 at 00:00:
Help! Dont know if this is the right site for a question like this, but i give it a try. I have a old Roland sampler with a quickdisk drive. I want to mod this sampler with a harddrive of some sort, and remove the QD. Have anyone a clue?
Shamran Shamran from Denmark wrote on 9. October 2004 at 00:00:
Have you got a Banner for ?
phil clark phil clark from london england wrote on 8. October 2004 at 00:00:
greetings from london, wow! what a lot of information about the MZ80 series. i had a MZ80K from 1980 to 1983 and learnt to program on it! just reading your site has brought back a lot of memories from over 20 years ago. im happy to see that so many people are still using these great systems! keep up the good work and maybe i can help you with some of the more technical mz80k queries! best. phil clark
Wumpus Wumpus from Germany wrote on 14. September 2004 at 00:00:

Sehr schöne Seite mit vielen Informationen.
Da ich Sammler von alten Homecomputer bin, finde ich hier immer ein paar nützliche Daten zu Sharp Computer.

Danke und Gruß
Juergen Sievers Juergen Sievers from Germany wrote on 28. August 2004 at 00:00:
I could not sent any mail to you. Your Server rejected everything-

My Question was


I got an MZ700 (including plotter and tape) which has a extended hardware
board installed. But I do not know which kind of hardware is it. So I send a
picture to you full of hope you can tell me what it is.
Please take a look on it. I hope you can send some information about the
hardware extension to me. The Picture is for your own usage too.


PS: How could I send the Picture to you now ??
Juergen Sievers Juergen Sievers from Germany wrote on 20. August 2004 at 00:00:

Ich freue mich sehr über diese Suite. Als Sammler von alten Rechnern habe ich auch einige Sharp Systeme. Auch einen MZ-80K, dem eines seiner ROMs fehlte. So habe ich auf der Jagt danach diese Suite gefunden. Nun habe ich das ROM-Image, dank dieser wunderbar und liebevoll gemachten Suite.

English (I hope so smile
I am pleased much about this Suite. As collecting tank of old computers I have also some Sharp of systems. Also a MZ-80K, to which one of its Romes was missing. Thus I have on hunt thereafter this Suite found. Now I have the Rome image, owing to these marvelously and affectionately made Suite.
Gerard Muts Gerard Muts from Netherlands wrote on 15. July 2004 at 00:00:
In the 80s I was working at a Dutch company called ORMAS BV. Im starting to work with computers MZ80K.
Peter Peter from Germany wrote on 23. June 2004 at 00:00:
What a nice surprise! I just found your site, using google MZ80-B sharp. In the dark edge of my chamber stands a MZ80-B waiting for his rebirth. I bought him around 1981 (?), because it was the only Computer which supported Pascal (on Cassette!). Later I´ve got a doublediskdrive and run CP/M - until he was substituted by an PC (Commodore).
I´m very anxoius to start him again, maybe next autaum.
Best regards, Peter
Masakazu Miyazaki Masakazu Miyazaki from Japan wrote on 12. June 2004 at 00:00:
Hallo, I first use computer was mz-700.
Im mzs fan!
I have mz-700 and mz-40k.

ps.The person who was developing BASIC of MZ
He passed away in January, this year
Craig Craig from UK wrote on 6. June 2004 at 00:00:
Well, my first computer was the 700 and remains in working order though I havent used it in 15 years! wink By comparison the 700 was bettered by the Spectrum and the like with bit-graphics, but S-BASIC was cool and it was on that, that I learned to program... suffice to say that Sharp made some excellent computers, and thank you to the author of this site for such a valuable nostalgic resource! Truly excellent and very thorough indeed. Thank you.