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jason price jason price from uk wrote on 3. August 2005 at 00:00:
is there any one who can put nightmare park on a cd with a built in emulator so it can run on windows xp so all i have to do is put the disk in and play this classic game....
many thanks to any one who can help me
many thanks
Stefan Brandt Stefan Brandt from sweden wrote on 14. July 2005 at 00:00:
First I found my first computer i a wardrobe ,then I found this wery nice website of yours ,now its for me to get the old mz700 to work Thank you
nina nina from finland wrote on 25. April 2005 at 00:00:
hello sharpists! does anyone remember the game named FLAPPY?

I had it in my MZ800 and it was my absolute favourite, loooong time ago!there was this pig(?)figure, moving rocks and collecting mushrooms(?) not sure i remember it correctly anymore, but i just loved it, i could play it for hours and would just love to play it again if i only knew old comrade sharp mz800 broke down & got lost long ago.

any help anyone,how can i get that exact game?
every now and then i keep hearing the joyous flappy-tune in my head..*aah,nostalgia* and remember how frustrating it was to accidently get the flappy-figure stuck behind some rocks and the only thing to do was to wait for the gametime to end to start over..and wait..and wait..and listen to the then-annoying flappy melody...
must have that game again!!
anyway i loved all the sharp mz800games,i guess they were simple enough for my simple brain ; )
Mudonja Mudonja from Croatia wrote on 15. April 2005 at 00:00:
Hello from Croatia !!! .Yes, the year is 1988 and i got my first computer, sharp mz 731. The time is stop for me! During the war in Yugoslavia I got lost my sharp. In former yu, there was only 6 sharps. I got only one book, if i remember corectly it was hardware reference manual, green/white colors. Is the any whay to get that book in pdf format ? Thank you. thats all, nice site, long live sharp...sorry for bad english, i never learn, do you know croatia langue ?

Ima li koga ovdje iz Yu da je imao sharpa ili ga jos ima ?
Ulrich Keller Ulrich Keller from Germany wrote on 14. March 2005 at 00:00:
What a great site!!!!!!!!

This is the best site with MZ-related information I have seen in the internet. Thanks to the author and all the people who worked on this site! Please keep up this great work!!!
Michael Schülke Michael Schülke from Germany wrote on 13. March 2005 at 00:00:
I just wanted to add that I found the service manual in the Downloads section -- you may want to add links from the scanned covers in the Museum/Library section to the actual pdf files. Anyway, thanks a lot for providing these manuals.

At any rate, I still have a non-working MZ80A. When turned on, the video section emits a high pitch sound, and the screen remains dark. If anyone has an idea how to fix that, please get in touch
Michael Schülke Michael Schülke from Germany wrote on 25. February 2005 at 00:00:
A great site, with one small problem: I tried to get in touch with you via e-mail, but I couldnt find an e-mail address that worked. Please contact me -- Im looking for a MZ-80A service manual.
Pedro Viegas Pedro Viegas from Portugal wrote on 23. February 2005 at 00:00:
Hello. I have an MZ-700 but what I really want is to use its datacorder in my Spectrum 48K. Can I connect them at all? If so how?
Emir saric Emir saric from UAE wrote on 9. January 2005 at 00:00:

The best solution for older engineers.
Mike Mike from Czech Republic wrote on 28. November 2004 at 00:00:
Greetings, its great to see this site is still alive. The e-shop with the MZ-700 merchandise really got me. Very cool stuff, actually. Any chance to give birth to an MZ-800 T-shirt?