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Gary Gary from Slough Berkshire UK wrote on 2. May 2006 at 00:00
Hello all

Got my MZ731 (I think, the one with the built in cassette player) when I was probably 10 or so. 32 now so its slightly slower than my new laptop and has a bit less memeory too! The computer is still at my Dads house in his spare room. My Dad had to buy games from Slough trading estate because it was so rare.
effzehn effzehn from Germany wrote on 18. April 2006 at 00:00
Am MZ-700 schrieb ich meine ersten Programme. Heute stehe ich kurz vorm Informatik-Diplom.

Vielen Dank für diese wundervolle Website!
Graham Knight Graham Knight from Scotland wrote on 22. March 2006 at 00:00
I have just found this site and was surprised to my name is mentioned many times.
We sold hundreds of Sharp computers all those years ago.
I designed the character set for the MZ-700 and MZ-800 and persuaded Sharp to incorporate it in the machine.
I still have the first red MZ-80K that I brought home from Japan all those years ago.
Many of the customers who bought those early Sharp machines are now in top jobs in the computer industry. Learning to program Sharp computers in Basic, Forth, Pascal, Assembler and Machine Code helped get a lot of people started and they have went on to successful careers.
Thanks for the site - it brought back many happy memories.

Graham Knight
Kees Lablans Kees Lablans from The Netherlands wrote on 5. February 2006 at 00:00

Very nice to see there are so many more people with a warm place in their heart for the Sharp homecomputers! In 89 after 2 years of occasional use my plotter broke down (seemed complete dead at that time). Ive always had the idea of fixing it because its so nice. Now Ive seen the site I have the hope I still have that chance! I even saw the plotter pens are available again, so thats perfect! The Sharp User Club also seems a good way of picking things up.

Karl-Heinz, thank you so much for all this great information! And Paul, good luck keeping it all running and providing the latest news!


Kees Lablans
k DOT l AT xs4all DOT nl
Kees Lablans Kees Lablans from The Netherlands wrote on 5. February 2006 at 00:00
What a GREAT site! After having visited several times over the past years Im still amazed by the amount of info. Please keep it up and running! Too many sites are going down these days...

My 721 (later bought the plotter) was my first computer in 1985 (I was 15). I was member of the Dutch Sharp-MZ User Group and even wrote some software for their library (games, word processor). Loved it and wanted more, so I studied Computer Science. Now, 20 years and 6 computers later, Im still in love with my Sharp MZ721 and its 64KB. Its the computer that changed my life.

Murmel Murmel from Germany wrote on 2. January 2006 at 00:00

Ich suche Quick-Disks (auch z.b den Basic-Interpreter). Werwas loswerden möchte bitte melden.


PHogenstijn PHogenstijn from Nederland wrote on 16. November 2005 at 00:00
Wow, a verry good information site. And now I cane work with my 3 MZ700/800. See soon a page on
Matze Matze from Germany wrote on 20. October 2005 at 00:00
Hey, we are still learning the elementals of microcomputers at our university of applied sciences at some mz-80B! nice Page!
by the way - is there a source to find the edas assemler tu use with the emulator on this page?
it would help me a lot (practising)...
UZOAGBA UZOAGBA from OWERRI wrote on 27. September 2005 at 00:00
Mohammed A Rahim Mohammed A Rahim from kingdom of Bahrain wrote on 4. September 2005 at 00:00
looking for Sharp MZ-700 Tape BASIC Version

and how to transfer files from the web onto a Tape to use with the MZ-700