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Gernot Gernot from Germany wrote on 25. December 2006 at 00:00
Hi all,
tombling threw that web on chritmasday I found your really great side.
Keep it alive !
All the best for the Festive season from Marburg.
stmrn stmrn from Slovakia wrote on 15. December 2006 at 00:00
Hi! Beautiful site! Sharp MZ-800 was my very first computer back in late 80s at college. I wonder, if someone has and could be so kind to share a demonstration programs for Basic 1Z-016 and 1Z-013 which has been including on original cassetes? Anyway, thanks for great work. Sincerelly.
Stephan Stephan from Germany wrote on 5. December 2006 at 00:00
Really great site ! Maybe someone can help me to find some Sharp games that were released in the german (type-in) magazines Computronic, Homecomputer & CPU. Im trying to complete my tronic-verlag archive wink2
(See for more info)
Mauri Hakola Mauri Hakola from Finnland wrote on 3. December 2006 at 00:00
Very interesting pages.
Are there any other so devoted SHARP persons,
who have collected stuff from the 80´s?
I just pimped my ride with a replica of SHARP ASCONA, which I drove, when I was busy selling
MZ 700 and 800 series to dealers. It has
sharp logos just like in the 80´s, only the
the text in the back comico has been updated with
Jan AK Jan AK from Norway wrote on 24. October 2006 at 00:00
Just searched for info to provide for wiki, as the information on Sharps there contains errors. Why dont you have a look? I am certain most of you guys would find more inaccuracies than I did.

An MZ-700 was my first computer, as as it by 89 was cheap enough for a kid growing up with little or no money, to buy second hand.

I retired it in 92 when economy got a little better and I could afford an Amiga 500.

Premium site you got here.
Charles Charles wrote on 4. October 2006 at 00:00

I have been using your site for about a year.
The information contained is excellent.
I hope the MZ800 translation will soon be complete.
Many thanks for a great service.

Jonas Edin Jonas Edin from Sweden wrote on 27. June 2006 at 00:00
The site is alive again! I was a bit worried...
Jeroen Jeroen from Belgium wrote on 24. June 2006 at 00:00
the sharp org is no more , is this true ???
or is there an momentary falout?

greats , because i got an old brand new SHARP MZ-80B en would like to have some software on casette or other way , please someone to help me further please , Tanks already !!

Jeroen Suls
Jonas Edin Jonas Edin from Sweden wrote on 8. June 2006 at 00:00
I am so happy! I recently found It is a goldmine! Keep it alive!

I am a proud owner of a SHARP MZ-80B. And yes, the machine is still working! I had to repair the tape deck (the rubber sleeves on the brake arms had perished) and the power supply unit (an electrolyt...).

I have downloaded the software (in MZF-format) for MZ-80B and used MZF2WAV. I processed the wave-file in Adobe Audition and increased the speed 50%. Transferred the result to tape (and also tried to use a tape-adapter). Is it working? YES!
Diego Redraven Diego Redraven from Spain wrote on 29. May 2006 at 00:00
Me and my MZ-80B