Hello MZ-fan, welcome to my guestbook!

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Jo Christian Jo Christian from Norway wrote on 17. November 1998 at 00:00
I want to congratulate you on a job well done. Having searched the net for MZ-700 information for several years, I have to say that your MZ-700 site probably is the most comprehensive of all MZ-700-pages on the net.
Markku Reunanen Markku Reunanen from Finland wrote on 17. November 1998 at 00:00
Hello there
Sharp MZ-721 was my very first computer - I was lucky enough to get it back a while ago - and it was nice to see this page with so many resources for it. Ive constructed a very simple cross-compiler environment including a PC-Sharp link cable and will probably code some weird stuff in the future.
Arjan Habing Arjan Habing from the Netherlands wrote on 26. October 1998 at 00:00
People using other SHARP MZ-machines, like the MZ-80a, MZ-80b, MZ-80k, MZ-800, MZ-1200, MZ-1500, MZ-2500 and so on should also post their messages in this guestbook.
Karl Heinz did a very good job with his Internet-pages, but especcialy for these other machines he is depending on the input of other people.
Especcialy people from JAPAN, please send your information.
The only information I can give to Karl Heinz is information concerning MZ-700 and MZ-800 and only for Europa, we do not know anything about JAPAN.
Please help Karl Heinz expanding his information.
John Coombes John Coombes from Melbourne, Australia wrote on 30. September 1998 at 00:00
These Pages are much improved from before and you seem to have mastered the
basics of HTML. Although I dont have a Sharp, those with one thank U for this site
René Gambke René Gambke from Germany wrote on 30. September 1998 at 00:00
So much to read - so little time wink2
You did a great job! I'll try to do the same on my pages.

Takeshi Maruyama Takeshi Maruyama from Japan wrote on 24. September 1998 at 00:00
Hi, Karl-Heintz!
I'm sorry I haven't written in so long, everytime.

Now, tapeload.exe version 0.13 was updated!
You can download it from this URL. Please check it.
Have a nice day!

Takeshi Maruyama
from Tokyo, Japan
Barbara Fischer Barbara Fischer from Australia wrote on 7. September 1998 at 00:00
Hi Karl-Heinz, I can only admire all that work
and time you invested in your page, it came up great!
lots of success in the future wishes you barb.
owen owen from n.ireland wrote on 7. September 1998 at 00:00
Schoene Seiten und viele Auskunft ueber die mz 700 Computers. ich habe einen mz 700 in einem Ramschladen gefunden, dafuer habe ich £5 bezahlt
eine wunderbare Maschine!

danke vielmals
brandon brandon from nederland wrote on 5. September 1998 at 00:00
It's a good site y hope that you cut expand it for moor sharp computers,like the mz80k and the mz800

high regards and keep it up
Piet brandon
vlissingen holland
Sascha Hoogen Sascha Hoogen from Germany wrote on 5. September 1998 at 00:00
Hi Karl-Heinz, just dropping a note to say hello. You know I like your pages a lot, keep'em going! Cheers, Sascha