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Bill Cooper Bill Cooper from UK wrote on 13. November 2016 at 00:00:
Hi folks,
One of my first PC's was an MZ80K purchased in 1979/80 which I still have, A few weeks ago I found the PC in it's original box and thought I resurrect it. After a small explosion I spent 1 a week or so rebuilding the PSU and checking the main board over (some corroded contacts and re soldered joints later it fires up with *SP-1002 Monitor* - or something similar. Sadly the basic tape seems to be missing, I have a Debugger Tape and a Reclocator but no basic! SP2025 I think was shipped. I never had drives for this PC. I have downloaded from your site but how to get it onto a tape? - or can somebody supply me with a copy to get me going? I'd love to see it fire up again! Many thanks, Bill Cooper