The MZ-40 Kit

The MZ-40 Kit – Picture gallery

This section shows some pictures from the Japanese and the German Sharp MZ-40K. Most of the pictures are “thumbnails” and you can get a detailed view by clicking on the picture itself. In this case the size of the picture is added to the text.

The Japanese MZ-40K Kit

A Japanese advert of the MZ-40K from 1978
The Japanese MZ-40K Manual and Reference Card
The Japanese MZ-40K and its manual. A part of a game can be seen too.
The box of the Japanese MZ-40K

The German MZ-40K Kit

The box

The German box of the MZ-40K kit

Front view of the
German MZ-40K box
Side view of the box of the German MZ-40K

Box content

German MZ-40K
Parts List
Front cover and mechanical parts
Electronic and mechanical parts
Electronic parts and the manual







The printed circuit board
The printed circuit board and the Reference Card
Two games for the







The Manual and the Reference Card
The Reference Card
Electronic parts

Electronic parts







Mechanical parts
MZ-40K parts
MZ-40K parts


Game “Car Race”
Game “Hunting Deer”

Reference card

Page 1
Page 2


The MZ-40K Manual

Option 1 Sensors

Option 1 sensors:
water-level sensor, magnet sensor with REED switch, 2 micro switches

Option 2 Keyboard

MZ-40K2 – option 2 keyboard
MZ-40K2 – option 2 keyboard bottom view
Option 2 exploded view