Sharp MZ

As most of you now probably know, Karl May – the maintainer of the incredible MZ-resource – unfortunately has to end his work on the his site due to illness. He has generously given us the opportunity to continue his work, and we are now in the process of transferring all the contents of the original site to this new server and platform. There is a huge amount of information and files on this site, and it will take a while to convert everything over.

On this site you will also find a complete snapshot of the original site. Still some minor things to correct due to moving to another platform, but once that’s finished the site will be preserved for the future.
A new feature on this site that is not present on the original site is a discussion forum. This is implemented using the well-known phpBB, and is now open for user registrations and discussions. All MZ owners, collectors and users are welcome to join 🙂
In the near future will take you to this new site. We wish to thank Karl for his hard and invaluable work on this site the last 20 years.
Geir & Jo Even